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Woodland Elementary hosts STEAM night

Woodland Elementary hosts STEAM night

Woodland Elementary students had the opportunity to get artistic in the cafeteria and get their STEM minds engaged in the gym on Feb. 8, when the school and its parent-teacher organization hosted a family engagement evening for their school community to enjoy.

Two girls color a picture while one smiles at the camera


Woodland is known for its tradition of having all students paint a ceiling tile each year, which are displayed all around the school. This year’s students filled the cafeteria to create their ceiling tile masterpieces, and they could also choose from a variety of dinner options. 

The school's ceiling full of painted tiles


The gym, another hub of activity that evening, featured many different STEM activities to partake in, some of which included catapult building, boat construction, various building toys, a circuit-building activity, rainbow glasses and more. Students from Park Center Senior High and Maple Grove Senior High’s robotics teams were on hand to let students try out the robots, and other high school students volunteered to help students at the STEM booths.