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Woodland Elementary fifth graders focus on kindness with a retreat

Woodland Elementary fifth graders focus on kindness with a retreat

The Woodland Elementary gym was buzzing with excitement and energy Jan. 19 as the school’s fifth graders took part in a Kindness Retreat put on by Youth Frontiers. 

The event’s energetic leaders directed the students through a variety of fun activities, games and discussions. Students were set loose for active activities and then gathered back together for group discussions on why and how to make kind choices, determine how words and actions affect others, and develop conflict resolution strategies. 

The daylong retreat included games, goals, songs, small group discussions, dancing and sharing. 

“Throughout the day, Youth Frontiers mixed games with lessons on kindness and how to be an everyday hero,” said fifth grade teacher Bobbi Lastovich. “Our favorite lesson was about Kindness Boomerangs-if you want to catch kindness, you have to throw it out there first. We brainstormed ideas on kindness boomerangs we can throw to our classmates and teachers to make our school a better and kinder place to be.”

A District 279 Foundation grant helped to fund the kindness retreat, making the day of learning and fun possible.

“It was the best day ever – it was like sunshine,” said fifth grade student Purity Chikezie. “They made us laugh and smile and dance. I learned sometimes you have to give people a chance and get to know them.”