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Woodland Elementary celebrates spring with a musical week

Woodland Elementary celebrates spring with a musical week

Music was all around Woodland Elementary School the week of May 20. On Tuesday the 21st, a Woodland parent who works at Classical Minnesota Public Radio arranged for two classical musicians, a pianist and violinist from Canada named Daniel Dastoor and Chris Soong, to play for the student body. The musicians performed a variety of short pieces for students, emphasizing the different feelings and emotions that music can bring. They also wowed the audience by sharing that his violin was built in the year 1700 in Italy. 

classical musicians perform in the Woodland library

Two days later, a different kind of music filled the air as the school community gathered for a food truck and family dance night. Families could get Mexican or Filipino food, shaved ice and brick oven pizza and enjoy a beautiful evening dancing with a deejay, playground time and other games and activities. Local police officers joined the event to let kids look inside the emergency and D.A.R.E. vehicles, talk to families and even join in on the dance party.