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Do a daily health screening and mask check before sending your student to school

As fall begins and the weather cools, virus activity will increase in our community and school buildings. You can help to reduce the impact of all viruses—including the one that causes COVID-19— within our community by asking your student the Daily Health Screening questions and ensuring they have a face covering/mask before sending them to school each day. 

If your student does not pass the Daily Health Screening, please keep them and any other students in the household (except for those who are vaccinated and symptom-free OR who tested positive for COVID-19 between 11 and 90 days ago) home from school and contact your school’s attendance line to report your students absent.

As per a school board decision made in late August, face coverings/masks are required to be worn by staff, students and visitors in all District 279 buildings during Trimester I, Sept. 8 to Dec. 6. Due to a federal requirement for mass transit, students and staff are also required to wear a face covering/mask on school buses. Though all schools have additional masks on hand to provide to students who forget one, purchasing additional face coverings/masks takes resources away from other important financial priorities that support student learning. Before your student leaves for school each day, please make sure they have a clean reusable or disposable face covering/mask in hand. 

Your support will help to keep our students learning in person and our resources spent supporting that learning. If you have any questions, please contact your student’s school or email Thank you!

The words questions asked student masked on a yellow circle with a purple check box and a graphic of a parent handing a mask